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Why Clean Your Dryer Vents

Benefits in Cleaning Dryer Vent

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Aside from preventing fires, dryer vent cleaning is also beneficial.

Maintaining the Machine’s Functionality

When the vent is clogged, the function of the machine is affected significantly. Every part of the dryer needs to work harder in order to expel heat and moisture that could not get through a blocked vent. This could cause the machine to overheat, do longer cycles, and automatically shut off. Before buying a new one, it is important to have the dryer vent inspected to see if just needs cleaning or minor repairs.

Maintaining Air Quality

Gas dryers have exhausts that emit carbon monoxide through the dryer vent. If the vent is clogged, carbon monoxide builds up inside the house. This is a very dangerous gas and even though it has no color or odor, it could cause health issues similar to flu and poisoning. Prolonged inhalation may even cause death. Keeping the vent clear keeps the dangerous gas out of the house, thus, keeping the air in good, breathable quality.

Preventing Mold Growth

A dryer works by removing moisture from clothes. When the vent pipe restricts or stops the airflow, moisture is retained within the machine and in the house. The result is a nasty growth of mold. Mold can often be found in the dryer vent, behind the machine, and on the walls in the laundry room. Giving moisture a path to flow out of the vent will prevent mold, mildew, and even dust mites.

Extending the Life of Clothes

One symptom of a blocked dryer vent is longer drying cycles. If the vent is kept clean, you only need one short cycle to acquire really dry clothing. This means the clothes are not exposed to heat too long, which could weaken the fabric and make color fade.

Saving Electricity and Hard-earned money

Damage caused by clogged vents will require expensive damage repairs. Longer drying cycles will consume more energy than usual.

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