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How To Unclog A Dryer Vent

Right now, your dryer vent cleaning vocabulary might already be peppered with the basic types of dryer problems. An excess of lint, worn-out lint filter, rumbling sound, musty smell, and damaged dryer parts are common dryer problems.

But a clogged vent has more to worry you. It doesn’t only tell you of unfiltered lint. But a clogged vent has more in it combined with other residuals making it work insufficiently.

clogged dryer vent

Today’s post will focus on one of the significant determinants of dryer malfunction, a clogged dryer. You can unclog the dryer vent yourself if you have the proper knowledge. Or search for a “dryer vent cleaner near me” and get their service to finish the task for you right away.

Whether you get a professional dryer cleaner or DIY appliance repair, at least you know the basic steps on how to remove excess lint and dust inside the dryer vent.

How Do You Clean A Clogged Dryer Vent?

Here are the stages of getting your dryer cleaned

  • Know the signs of a clogged dryer.
  • Get familiar with the dryer parts.
  • Check if the dryer is generating the right amount of heat.
  • Know the reasons why the vent is clogged.
  • Know what clogs the vent.

Step 1: Cut Off The Power Of The Machine

Unplug the machine. First things first, whenever you move any device, machine, or appliance for repair and maintenance.

If you keep it plugged while cleaning or opening up the device, it will more likely short circuit. To avoid forever damaging your appliance, unplug it when you uncover and clean the dryer vent.

Step 2: Inspect The Dryer Vent Holes

The first thing you need to do is make a thorough inspection. See how deep the clog is. The initial sign you would see is the tip of the vent becoming too filthy.

You can see through the vent from the vent window connected outside. Another way is to open the dryer machine cover. Usually, it is found at the base of the dryer.

When you open the machine successfully, you will notice chunks of dust with lint or probably animal hair. It had gathered and formed into a cloud blocking the airways to the vent.

Step 3: Dust Off The Vent's Exterior

Dust off the area surrounding the vent tubes. It reveals the entirety of the vent system. Not because you have removed the clog around the vent tubes, it means you are done. At this stage, you may see how much of the clogging needs to go.

Lint removal with a brush from a dryer vent

Step 4: Clean In And Out

Next, remove all the dirt in and out of the machine from its exterior until its inner parts. The vent tubes where air flows out are crucial. Make sure inside the tube is where you take out all chunks of dust, tiny debris or lint, and hair particles.

During this stage, you may find it hard to see within the farthest spot of the vent tube. Most of the time, when you DIY clean the vent tubes, the clogs remain. It is due to the lack of appropriate tools that exhaust all particles out of the vent and airways.

If this is the case for you, then it’s time to call dryer vent cleaning experts. Only they got the suitable device or cleaning tools to vacuum all the dirt from the elongated tubes.

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