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How To Safely Clean Dryer Vent On The Roof

Does your dryer’s vent go up the roof? Are you wondering how to clean dryer vent on roof? If so, then this blog is for you. There are extra steps that could make cleaning this type of dryer a challenging one. So better hire professional cleaners as dryer vent cleaning services San Diego, for complex ductworks and risky jobs.

Answer your 411 here on “how to clean the roof dryer vent?” Stick with today’s discussion for more.

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Essentials in Cleaning the Roof Dryer Vent Safely?

Now that you identified your vent goes up to the roof, let’s have a quick and precise definition of a roof vent.

Most installers will say NO to dryer vents that go to the roof. Usually, this setup causes a higher risk of fire hazards.

But what if you have acquired a home pretty that already got its vent up the ceiling and out? It is highly advised that you pay attention! There are ways to remove the hazard and not the vent.

Roof Vent And Cleaning Tips To Avoid Problems

Roof vents are indeed dangerous. But this warning will become a real problem if you won’t heed the following reminders:

  • Vents on the roof will be exposed to moisture and water that will damage the appliance instantly
  • Water and mist from the roof may cause a spark when turning on the dryer engine
  • Due to the hose and ductwork going up the roof, cleaning may be difficult
  • Dirt from the tops quickly gets in the tubes and vent hose, making a less effective cleaning
  • Cleaning the dirt on the airflow lines that goes up the roof may cause the dirt to come back
Attic vent on home roof

These problems tell why many cleaners are not a fan of roof dryers. Cleaning them may also bring you more issues. But do not fret if you got this set up already. All you need to do is to make sure you clean the vent tubes, ducts, hose, and filters carefully.

Options for the clean dryer that goes up the roof

  • Use a leaf blower to clean the tubes and the vent window up the top
  • Remove the vent tube that connects to the roof from the wall
  • Use a towel to cover the pipes, lint trap, and the filter to keep the dirt from coming back
  • Have a comrade go with you when cleaning. Someone has to make sure that the lint comes out of the vent on the roof.
  • IMPORTANT: Unplug the appliance before all cleaning process is made
  • Make sure to turn off the power of the source of electricity in the room where the dryer set up is located

Why Hire An Expert Vent Cleaner?

Finally, you can hire dryer vent cleaning services San Diego after knowing the challenges of cleaning vertical tubes and elevated vents. Skilled men will come complete with gears for protection and caution when going up a property’s roofs.

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