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Most Common Appliance Repair Tools

It is every homeowners’ goal to manage the household efficiently. You ensure everything is in order, from keeping the family happy to keeping the appliance in good shape.

Have you been stressed out when you encounter a sudden malfunction and your day’s routine went all downhill from there?

Prevent ruining your day with quality appliance repair San Diego services.

Basic repair tools

Experts help you out from chronic issues with our vent and duct. They target the root cause of a problem and fix it from there.

But how about those times when you feel like you could at least do first aid to an appliance? Can you DIY dryer repair?

The question is, do you have the right tools?

Today, we will list the most common appliance repair tool for your dryers at home.

  1. Screw Driver
  2. Metal Tape Measure
  3. Pliers
  4. Wrench
  5. Personal Protective Equipment or PPE

Tools For Your Temporary Dryer Problems - 5 Must-Haves

Some repairs need the experts’ knowledge. What if the issue is as minor as a loose screw? You do not want to sweat into worry about what time a repair guy would knock on your doors.

These minor fixes may help you save money on dryer vent repair costs in the long run.

A loose screw or an unattached insulation foil does not have to screw up your day.

It would be best if you had tools ready in your toolbox in case of minor fixer-uppers. Today’s blog gives five tools must-haves.

1. Screw Driver

Multicolored and different sizes of screw drivers

Number one in the list and every home should always have is a screwdriver: it’s a handy dandy device that fixes big problems.

The rumbling sound that occurs when you start the machine catches your attention. But then you remember that you just got the appliance repaired last week?

It may not be serious, and it was just a loose screw.

2. Metal Tape Measure

Metal tape measure

Measuring devices are also a toolbox essential. You may not have to use it often for dryer malfunctions. But it is helpful to have in case of emergencies.

For unforeseen events, you would need the aid of a metal tape measure in case of:

  • You need to get the length of the vent tube for the replacement of a new one
  • You need to measure the insulating foil of the vent tube
  • You need to measure the size of the dryer appliance for storing and maintenance purposes

And who knows what else you could use the tool for? Better be ready than sorry.

3. Pliers

Set of pliers

Pliers are essential for twisting and cutting wires, which are already doing two functions in one. So why not have pliers?

Your dryer vent would consist of duct systems with complex wirings.

Your pliers would be handy for looping some dangling wires to tidy up messy ductwork.

4. Wrench

Different sizes of wrench

The wrench is for tightening large screws. It is also handy for opening up the vent covers when it is time to clean the interior and exhaust window of the vent.

5. Personal Protective Equipment

Set of personal protective gears

Of course, last but not least, protective equipment. At least have the following basics prepared in your repair kits:


For hand protection from dust and from getting electric shock with wires

Skull Guard

To protect you from possible circuit surges that may cause sparks

Eye Goggles

To protect the eye from various factors, such as dirt, dust, sparks, and loose wires or thin wires that can prick the eyes

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